Monday, April 19, 2010

Do You Drive Before You Buy?

It’s a pet hate of mine – when a buyer gets in their mind that they want a particular car, despite the fact that they’ve never driven it, or even suitable alternatives that better suit their needs. Not only do they run the risk of being disappointed, but by driving before buying, they can sure the new car is exactly what they want.

An astonishing one in five Brits doesn’t test drive a car before they buy it, research from has revealed. Findings also show that more than a quarter of Brits have regretted buying a car soon after purchasing it, with almost 10% blaming the colour of their new motor for their dissatisfaction.

Research commissioned by leading used car website delved into British car buying habits, and has revealed many Brits are intimidated by the buying process and have a tendency to act before they think. Over 75% admitted feeling out of their depth, with little or no confidence when making decisions about buying a car.

Our research has revealed only a quarter of Brits feel confident with the car buying process and it’s clear that some consumers need help when they’re choosing a car,” commented Alan Hazelhurst at

That’s why at we’ve created a free car buying guide to provide consumers with simple, easy to use, jargon-free tips to consider when choosing a car. We aim to take the mystery out of the whole car buying process.”

You can download the free guide at:

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