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FPV BF MkII Super Pursuit

FPV BF MkII Super Pursuit

FPV BF MkII Super Pursuit

Ford Performance Vehicles has increased the visual presence of its vehicles with the new BF model range, introducing a bold new styling theme that provides greater distinction between Boss 290 V8-powered and F6 270 Turbo-powered vehicles.

New-look front bumpers on all models feature an aggressive race-inspired lip surrounding the larger lower air intake, which is replicated in a similar fashion surrounding a new-look opening in the rear bumpers of all sedans. This is combined with stylish new-design auxiliary driving lights.

The unique styling theme provides FPV with greater exclusivity as well as the flexibility to customise the design for individual models.

To complement the new styling, all Boss 290-powered vehicles receive 19-inch alloy wheels as standard fitment, including a new design on the range-topping GT-P and Super Pursuit models, while the GT and GT-P are also fitted with a traditional muscle car-inspired twin exhaust system. All Boss 290-powered models also feature a broader selection of new-design optional side stripe and hood decal packages.

"Our customers loved the race-inspired styling of the BA GT and the technical detail we applied to give the F6 Typhoon and F6 Tornado a unique look," said David Flint, Managing Director of Ford Performance Vehicles.

"With the new BF models, we have taken the opportunity to give our vehicles even greater road presence and, at the same time, create distinct visual differences between our Boss 290 V8 models and F6 variants."
FPV BF MkII Super Pursuit (2006)
2006 FPV BF MkII Super Pursuit


The new-look BF range from FPV builds on the success of its predecessors with an evolutionary step forward in design.

The new-look front bumpers further enhance the traditional performance car styling of the Boss 290 V8-powered vehicles with a larger and more pronounced lower air intake featuring the race-inspired three-slot spoiler.

Introducing an element of classic styling alongside the aggressive design are new-look fog lamps. These lights feature a satin alloy surround on GT and Pursuit with black integrated flutes, while GT-P and Super Pursuit build on the premium theme of the range-topping models with satin alloy surrounds and flutes that complement the standard satin alloy grille mesh.

Both the GT and GT-P now feature their respective model's badges in the upper air intake within the front bumper: a design cue reminiscent of the classic GTs of the 1960s and 1970s.

The F6 Typhoon and F6 Tornado also carry the aggressive new look, but with a unique lower air intake design that features reverse angle pillars to accentuate the silver intercooler behind the Technik grille mesh. Both the F6 Typhoon and F6 Tornado feature exclusive design auxiliary driving lights with colour coded inserts. These styling elements give a dramatically different look to the F6 models compared to GT, GT-P, Pursuit and Super Pursuit.

The pronounced intake surround continues through to the rear bumpers on all sedan variants with a signature three-slot extraction design. The grille mesh in each model also replicates the front bumper: black in GT, satin alloy in GT-P and silver in F6 Typhoon.

Sonar-activated reverse-parking sensors are now fitted as standard equipment in the flagship GT-P and available as an option for the first time on GT and F6 Typhoon with an RRP of $650.

All FPV sedans gain the new jewel-effect tail lights introduced across all Falcon models in the BF range.

Enhancing the more aggressive styling, all FPV Boss 290 V8-powered models are now fitted with 19-inch alloy wheels as standard equipment. The BF GT and Pursuit come with the five-spoke alloy wheel previously available exclusively on BA GT-P and Super Pursuit, while the flagship variants receive a new-design five-spoke alloy wheel with a raised spine in the centre of each spoke and a machined outer rim.

The wheels have been designed to accentuate the power and presence of the Brembo brakes that are now standard on all FPV models.

The double five-spoke alloy wheel with gun metal shadow rims on the F6 Typhoon and F6 Tornado are carried through with the new BF model. However, a unique 19-inch alloy will be available as an option on F6 models with an exclusive gun metal shadow design and machined outer rim. This option has a RRP of $2400.

FPV has introduced a new-design lockable hard tonneau cover for its Ute range with an aggressive power bulge in the centre that continues the muscular performance characteristics generated by the bonnet bulge in the Pursuit and Super Pursuit. This hard tonneau cover is standard equipment on the flagship Super Pursuit and available as an option on the Pursuit and F6 Tornado with a recommended retail price of $2710.

Providing its customers with an even wider range of options to personalise their vehicle, a new three-piece hard tonneau cover with integrated alloy sports bar is available for the first time. This option has a recommended retail price of $1050 in lieu of the standard hard tonneau cover on the flagship Super Pursuit and available as a stand alone option on the F6 Tornado and Pursuit with a recommended retail price of $3750.

FPV owners will be offered even more ways to customise their vehicle, with a new-design side stripe and hood decal package available as an option on GT, GT-P, Pursuit and Super Pursuit.

The new-look stripes feature a solid middle stripe with a smaller key-line stripe on either side that also wraps around on the rear bumper section, providing a more dynamic look. The design of the Boss 290 hood decal fitted to the sides of the bonnet bulge remain as it was introduced on the BA MkII models.

A wider selection of stripe colour and exterior colour choices have been introduced with the BF range, including new gold stripes. The stripe package is a no-cost option on GT-P and Super Pursuit and has a recommended retail price of $595 as an option on GT and Pursuit. The Boss 290 Hood Decal can be fitted without the stripe package and has an RRP of $195.

The new stripes coincide with the introduction of a number of exclusive performance hero colours: Bionic, Toxic and DeJaVu.

Bionic is a bold new non-metallic blue inspired by the iconic True Blue that was popular on XY GT Falcons while Toxic is a bright acidic green - similar to Citric Acid that was popular in the original BA series - and is close to the Lime Glaze colour that was available on XA GT Falcons. DeJaVu, which is due to begin production in December, is a new dark metallic green.


The feature-filled cabin in all FPV models has received a number of improvements with the introduction of the new BF range.

Complementing the satin alloy interior features such as the Interior Command Centre and gear lever surrounds, the door trims now carry the same premium highlight on the grab handles with a soft-feel material. The performance seats in all models now feature Satin Alloy contrast stitching with the FPV logo embroidered in the headrests.

A luxury interior pack is available as an option on the F6 Tornado Ute for the first time, incorporating dual zone climate control with large TFT colour screen Interior Command Centre and Premium sound with a six-disc in-dash CD player. This option has a recommended retail price of $1500.

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